Chillin & Tickling Cindy’s Big Feet

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  1. Big bro what is up? Why cant the people who paid memberahip get the same content thats on your other platforms, feel like im getting played when you have better videos of each model and your not releasing them to us only on paid platforms. Like we are supporting you. Can we get some support back???

    • It’s impossible to cater to everyone needs on a subscription site. Guys like what they like and who they like. If I post one model, some guys may like her and other guys may not. I’m posting all the same content that’s on my C4S. It’s just not released here as fast due to it being 12-15 uploads

  2. not gonna lie boss man I’m not feeling this video. When are you going to get lethal lips lips on your platform trust me she got some sexy Sexy Feet, but they need to get worshiped the right way